New website! ‘Peers’ + B-side ‘Filter Bubble’ out now!

Hi friends!

I’m on a train heading to Odense, DK for my first support show with Broken Twin at Dexter. Yay! 

We’ve just released ‘Peers’ and a little B-side along with it called Filter Bubble. Grab it out at iTunes and Bandcamp or stream them at SoundCloud, Spotify, WiMP etc.

As you might have noticed we have a beautiful new website at - and there’s a nice little story behind this. Some time ago, with my limited skills in internet architecture, I created a website with a tool called Wix. It’s a service you pay for annually , as it’s very easy to use. A listener of Dad Rocks!, and a contributor to both Mount Remix and Year Of The Fan, noticed this and offered to build us a whole new website for free (also ‘cause mine was pretty shit). I was baffled, but it was too great an offer to reject. This is what he did, and I’m extremely happy with the result. I’ve promised to write him a song for his efforts. Thank you ever so much, Daniel J. Harvey. You are rad. Oh! And he plays in a fantastic band called Olympians. So check them out too!

Big love,

37 upcoming shows y’all

17.09.2014 - DK - Odense, Dexter* - Tickets:
18.09.2014 - DK - Vejle, Bygningen* - Tickets:
19.09.2014 - DK - Aalborg, Studenterhuset* Tickets:
20.09.2014 - DK - Aarhus, Atlas* - Tickets:
21.09.2014 - DK - Copenhagen, Jazzhouse* SOLD OUT

30.09.2014 – DE – Jena, Café Wagner** 
01.10.2014 – DE – Leipzig, Werk 2**
02.10.2014 – DE – Dresden, Beatpol**
03.10.2014 – DE – Berlin, Privatclub**
04.10.2014 – DE – Husum, Speicher**
05.10.2014 – DE – Dresden, Whonzimmer (headline show, free)
06.10.2014 – DE – Göttingen, TBA (headline show)
07.10.2014 – DE – Stuttgart, 1210**
08.10.2014 – DE – Frankfurt, Ponyhof**
09.10.2014 – DE – Nürnberg, Club Stereo**
10.10.2014 – DE – Freiburg, Waldsee**
11.10.2014 – DE – Konstanz, Kulturladen**

Tickets for above shows in DE:

16.10.2014 - UK - London, The Lexington*** - Tickets:
17.10.2014 - UK - Newport, Le Pub*** - Tickets:
18.10.2014 - UK . Leicester, The Firebug*** - Tickets:
19.10.2014 - UK - Manchester, Carefully Planned Festival*** - Tickets:
20.10.2014 - UK - Glasgow, The Broadcast*** - Tickets:
22.10.2014 - UK - Leeds, Trinity Church*** - Tickets:
23.10.2014 - UK - Norwich, Norwich Arts Centre*** - Tickets:
24.10.2014 - UK - Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar*** - Tickets:
25.10.2014 - DE - Dortmund, Sissikingkong*** - Tickets:

07.11.2014 - NO - Kristiansand, Sørveiv Festival
13.11.2014 - DK - Aarhus, HQ
14.11.2014 - DK - Odense, Kansas City
20.11.2014 - DK - Kolding, Pitstop
21.11.2014 - DK - Aalborg, Huset
22.11.2014 - DK - Vejle, Bygningen

01.12.2014 - DE - Hamburg, Kleiner Donner
02.12.2014 - DE - Berlin, Antje Öklesund
03.12.2014 - DE - Köln, Die Wohngemeinschaft
04.12.2014 - FR - Rennes, Rencontres Les Transmusicales
05.12.2014 - FR - Rennes, Rencontres Les Transmusicales

*Solo, Supporting Broken Twin
**Solo, Supporting Honig
***With Mimas

Dad Rocks! announced to play Les Transmusicales de Rennes!


I would never have guessed that at some point we would be invited to play one of the most important musical events in Europe. However, this is actually happening, and we’ve now been announced to play Les Transmusicales in Rennes, FR. With over 60.000 visitors last year, we’re hoping to make a couple of new fans.

Nous sommes très heureux!

Supporting Broken Twin in Denmark + Festival added in Norway


I’m exceptionally happy to announce that I’ve been handpicked by the amazing danish artist Broken Twin, aka the lovely Majke Voss Romme. She recently made one of the best danish albums recently called ‘May’. Check out the beautiful ‘Sun Has Gone' below. I'll be heading out solo to support Broken Twin for five shows in Denmark, and I'll be premiering a couple of new songs too.

Dad Rocks! is also heading to Norway for the FIRST time ever to perform with a full band. This will be taking place during the Sørveiv Festival in Kristiansand on November 7th.

Now, go discover Broken Twin, and check out the dates below!



17.09.2014 - Dexter, Odense -
18.09.2014 - Bygningen, Vejle -
19.09.2014. - Studenterhuset, Aalborg -
20.09.2014 - Atlas, Aarhus -
21.09.2014 - Jazzhouse, Copenhagen - Sold out

Watch: Dad Rocks! - Peers - Ja Ja Ja

Thanks to Ja Ja Ja Music for sharing!

New video up for Peers - Ripping of Dylan and what not.



Shit is happening.


First of all - We’re heading to the UK this weekend to perform at 2000 Trees Festival. If you’re around, you should totally be there. It’s a beautiful line-up!


We have loads more dates for you. First of all, Dad Rocks! has been handpicked by the very great German singer/songwriter Honig to support the band on (most of) their upcoming release-tour throughout Germany - Check out Honig’s beautiful new song Overboard here, check the dates below and secure yourself tickets here: - Facebook event is here.

We’re also heading to the UK again in October! This time we’re touring with Mimas as well, in which I play and sing. If you don’t know Mimas, check it out here, and here we have a Facebook event, where you’ll find ticket details and such. Get yourself one and one for your best friend.

We’re visiting some of our favorite venues, and we absolutely can’t wait. This tour will be with a 5-piece. Check out all upcoming dates, including some dates in Denmark in November too:

*Supporting Honig
**Full band - Touring with Mimas
30.09.2014 - DE - Jena - Café Wagner*
01.10.2014 - DE - Leipzig - Werk 2*
02.10.2014 - DE - Dresden - Beatpol*
03.10.2014 - DE - Berlin - Privatclub*
04.10.2014 - DE - Husum - Speicher *
05.10.2014 - DE - Dresden - Wohnzimmer (headline show)
07.10.2014 - DE - Stuttgart - 1210*
08.10.2014 - DE - Frankfurt - Ponyhof*
09.10.2014 - DE - Nürnberg - Club Stereo*
10.10.2014 - DE - Freiburg - Waldsee*
11.10.2014 - DE - Konstanz - Kulturladen*
16.10.2014 - UK - London - The Lexington**
18.10.2014 - UK - Leicester - The Firebug**
19.10.2014 - UK - Manchester - A Carefully Plannned Festival**
20.10.2014 - UK - Glasgow - The Broadcast**
22.10.2014 - UK - Leeds - Trinity Church**
23.10.2014 - UK - Norwich - Norwich Arts Centre**
24.10.2014 - UK - Brighton - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar**
25.10.2014 - DE - Dortmund - Sissikingkong**
14.11.2014 - DK - Odense - Kansas City
20.11.2014 - DK - Kolding - Pitstop
21.11.2014 - DK - Aalborg - Huset
22.11.2014 - DK - Vejle - Bygningen
Year Of The Flesh
Our album Year Of The Flesh is being released in the UK, France, Germany and Japan in September. Well excited about this, and we’re already feeling quite a nice response to our song Body Mass Index, which you can download below. It premiered on Line Of Best Fit, climbed to #5 on Hype Machine and is being played tonight on Amazing Radio on Simon Raymondes (Bella Union) show. Go ahead and check it out, and download for free!

Free Download: Dad Rocks! - Body Mass Index


When Snævar Njall Albertsson aka Dad Rocks! and I did our interview last year, he already pointed out the personal nature of his forthcoming (in Germany) album "Year Of The Flesh". There is for example "Body Mass Index" about the anorexia of a close family member. He wrote the song…

Listen: Dad Rocks! – “Body Mass Index”

Incredibly happy to announce the upcoming release in UK, Germany, France and Japan in September! The Line Of Best Fit premiere our song Body Mass Index via this link. And guys, if you’re on Twitter - Would you please help us by tweeting this link: - It will help us climb up the Hype Machine ladder. We’re currently at #8!

We’re celebrating the release by heading over to 2000 Trees Festival in England next weekend, and you should come too!


Year Of The Flesh is being released in France on a sweet label called Les Disques Normal on September 29th. Rad.


Year Of The Flesh is being released in France on a sweet label called Les Disques Normal on September 29th. Rad.